Our story

Simply said, we’re just two engineers who decided to be bold, take matters into our own hands and pursue the uncertain but amazing journey of building our own company. Our goal is to provide all you amazing adventure motorcycle riders across the world with products that are high quality, no-nonsense and 100% made in Europe.

The power of Panonian is not only in our collective madness, which brings for crazy product(ion) ideas, fun moments and some intense product testing, but also in the fact that each of us, even though still at the start of our professional life, has already racked up a lot of experience in designing products for racing & adventure vehicles of all kinds. On top of that, we believe that the combination of our individual skills (more on those below), are what gives this company its true strength. Alone, none of us could create that which we are creating together right now.

In our free time, if we even have any, you can find us on epic trails with our bikes in the most random and remote places in the Balkans, chilling, enjoying nature, eating good food and just experiencing the best life has to offer.


KTM 990 Adventure R ’10

As the machine behind the machines, he’s one of the main drivers behind our production facility, making sure everything runs quickly, cleanly and smoothly. 

Leon’s not only intolerant to gluten, but also intolerant to bad product quality, incorrect production practices or actually imperfections in general. Which, besides his life-long experience in engineering all kinds of stuff, makes him just the man you want responsible for the production of the awesome products on your bike(s).

Leon Trivic of Panonian on an offroad riding tour in the netherlands with the KTM 990 Adventure


Honda XL600V ’93

The man that brings our ideas to reality; name something and he’ll draw & produce it in no time. In addition to design for production and production itself, his specialty is also the extremely innovative technique of CAD, or “Cardboard Aided Design” as he so nicely describes it himself.

All jokes aside: years of experience in a large production company and a decade of hands-on experience designing and building all kinds of things have helped him sharpen his skills and perfectly prepared him for designing and producing at Panonian!

Marko Stojakovic of Panonian on his Honda XL600V Transalp