Additive for your coolant system that can reduces the coolant temperature up to 15ºC!


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MOCOOL is an additive for your coolant, which can cause a reduction in coolant temperature of up toe 15 degrees Celsius. This performance additive from MOTUL offers a better heat transfer than regular coolants and, on top of that, also contains rust- and corrosion inhibitors.

MOTUL MOCOOL is developed for mixing with pure water in a 20:1 ratio, or for adding to coolant with a 5% volume ratio. Therefore, one packaging is enough to add to the cooling system of multiple bikes! It is also especially useful in racing-competitions where the regulations don’t allow mono-ethylene glycol.

Suitable for use with aluminum, magnesium, cast-iron, copper, messing and bronze components. Also compatible with most coolants, even the long-life variants.

Weight: 0.7 kg
Volume: 0.5 Liters