KTM 990/950 Adventure & Super Enduro – Rear Brake Cylinder Protector

Protect your exposed rear brake cylinder and reservoir of your 990 or 950 adventure from drops and crashes with this great looking guard!


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This protector is a great addition for preventing damage to the valuable and important rear brake cylinder and reservoir of your bike during adventure riding.

The design of the guard ensures full protection while still being able to check brake oil levels. At the same time, as your boots and riding pants are close to this component, we made sure it doesn’t interfere with riding in any way by having clean and smooth edges all around.

It will be delivered with all hardware necessary for installation and a durable, black powder-coated finish.

Weight: 0.1 kg
Material: Aluminum
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

2008KTM990 Adventure S
2007KTM990 Adventure S
2006KTM990 Adventure S
2012KTM990 Adventure R
2011KTM990 Adventure R
2010KTM990 Adventure R
2009KTM990 Adventure R
2013KTM990 Adventure Baja
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2006KTMSuper Enduro
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2008KTMSuper Enduro Erzberg
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