Honda XL600V Transalp – Skidplate

The best way to protect the engine of the Transalp during your adventures!

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This beautiful custom skid plate for the classic Transalp is the perfect addition for some serious off-road-riding protection. Made from 5mm aluminium, that has been laser-cut and CNC-bent to a perfect fit, this skid plate mounts to the original mounting points and is a 100% bolt on part, zero modifications needed. At the same time the pattern, cut out on the right side, ensures that airflow is maintained around the exhaust headers.

Since 4 mounting points are used, the skid plate is very firmly attached to the bike, but it also allows installation when using aftermarket exhausts that are missing the exhaust connection point (which is really common) as the 3 points left still ensure proper attachment!

In order to prevent damage to the frame or connecting points, the skid plate’s edges are deliberately not welded. This way, some degree of flexion is maintained, such that with hard hits the skid plate itself absorbs some energy, instead of transferring it all into the frame.

Available with a nice brushed finish, or with a durable black powder-coated finish.

Weight: 3.7 kg
Material: Aluminium
Surface Finish: Brushed or Black Powdercoated

1999HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1998HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1997HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1996HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1995HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1994HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1993HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1992HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1991HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1990HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1989HondaXL600V TransalpPD06


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