Yamaha Tenere 700 – Rally Skidplate (EURO 4)

Achieve the highest form of engine protection for the toughest of riding with our high rally skidplate for EURO 4 models.


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Keeping your Tenere as light as possible, whilst simultaneously achieving the highest form of protection, without the need of heavy steel crash bars, that was the goal when creating our rally skidplate
Full lateral protection is guaranteed by connecting the skidplate all the way up to the plastic side panels. Drop or crash the Tenere however you like, this piece of kit will protect it all the way. At the same time, the aesthetics of the bike is fully kept, we’d say it is even improved! Additionally, extra protection is included in the bottom of the skidplate for both the linkage system, as well as the side-stand. All with an added weight of only 4.5kg in total.

No useless holes anywhere in the skidplate, that is our vision. This ensures full protection without a way for the skidplate to get caught on any branches, rocks or trees you pass over. The only holes in the skidplate are the frontal air fins, that ensure appropriate cooling of the engine without exposing it too much.

A total of six mounting points for the 4mm aluminum skidplate, created by using the three included 5mm steel brackets and the original mounting points below the engine, create an incredibly strong and stiff set-up. Now you can ride the most extreme terrain without any worries. Personally, we’d recommend to come out here in the Dinaric Alps and send your Tenere, with Panonian rally skidplate, across the rocky plains!

This kit includes the skidplate, three mounting brackets (top left, top right and front), and all the necessary bolts and washers necessary to perform installation.

This kit is only suitable for EURO 4 models of the Tenere 700, not for the newer EURO 5 models.

Weight: 4.50 kg
Material: Aluminum
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

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