KTM 990/950 Adventure – Second Fan Kit

Upgrade your LC8’s cooling system, and reduce the change of overheating your bike by installing this additional fan kit!

Improve this kit’s effectiveness even more, by combining it with our Lower Temperature Thermoswitch.


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Lower Temperature Thermoswitch

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Every 990/950 Adventure owner knows that these bikes get very hot during slow, start-stop rides, such as in the city or on hard-enduro tours. In order to prevent the bike from running for longer periods of time at overly high engine temperatures, it’s therefore recommended to upgrade the bike’s underperforming cooling system. For that reason, we have developed this kit for all 990 or 950 Adventure models, which enables a second fan to be mounted in the free space on the right side of the radiator.

Our mounting bracket is smartly designed to be both strong and stiff, whilst maintaining a low weight and can be mounted using the original bolts of the radiator and coolant reservoir. Included with the bracket are both the fan, which is from the same high-end manufacturer as the original KTM fans (SPAL Italy), as well as an additional split wire, which enables the simultaneous connecting of both fans without having to cut or solder your original wiring loom!

To even further upgrade your cooling system, we recommend mounting this kit together with our Lower Temperature Thermoswitch. Replacing the original, this thermoswitch ensures the fans kick in simultaneously at 93°C instead of the original 105°C. When combining them in your order, you’ll receive almost 30% discount on the Thermoswitch!

Weight: 0.6 kg
Material: Steel
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

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