Lower Temperature Thermoswitch

Make sure your bike’s fans kick-in earlier and therefore help keep your bike cooler during hot days with this improved thermoswitch!


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In order to reduce engine temperature during slow, start-stop riding, such as in city traffic or during enduro rides, it is a great idea to install this improved thermoswitch. It ensures that the bike’s radiator cooling fan turns on at a coolant temperature of 93°C, instead of at 105°C for the original KTM/Husqvarna part, and as such prevents your engine from running hot for prolonged periods of time.

Weight: 0.1 kg

YearMakeModelOriginal Part-Number
2022KTM690 Enduro R (US Models Only)60035045000
2022KTM690 SMC R (US Models Only)60035045000
2022Husqvarna701 Enduro60035045000
2022Husqvarna701 Supermoto60035045000
2021KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2021KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2021Husqvarna701 Enduro60035045000
2021Husqvarna701 Supermoto60035045000
2020KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2020KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2020Husqvarna701 Enduro60035045000
2020Husqvarna701 Enduro LR60035045000
2020Husqvarna701 Supermoto60035045000
2020HusqvarnaSvartpilen 70160035045000
2020HusqvarnaVitpilen 70160035045000
2019KTM690 Duke60035045000
2019KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2019KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2019Husqvarna701 Enduro60035045000
2019Husqvarna701 Supermoto60035045000
2019HusqvarnaSvartpilen 70160035045000
2019HusqvarnaVitpilen 70160035045000
2018KTM690 Duke60035045000
2018KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2018Husqvarna701 Enduro60035045000
2018Husqvarna701 Supermoto60035045000
2018HusqvarnaVitpilen 70160035045000
2017KTM690 Duke60035045000
2017KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2017KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2017KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2017Husqvarna701 Enduro60035045000
2017Husqvarna701 Supermoto60035045000
2016KTM690 Duke60035045000
2016KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2016KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2016KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2016Husqvarna701 Enduro60035045000
2016Husqvarna701 Supermoto60035045000
2015KTM690 Duke60035045000
2015KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2015KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2015KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2014KTM1190 RC8 R60035045000
2014KTM690 Duke60035045000
2014KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2014KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2014KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2013KTM1190 RC8 R60035045000
2013KTM690 Duke60035045000
2013KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2013KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2013KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2013KTM990 Super Duke R60035045000
2013KTM990 Supermoto R58435045098
2013KTM990 Supermoto T58435045098
2012KTM1190 RC8 R60035045000
2012KTM690 Duke60035045000
2012KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2012KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2012KTM690 SMC R60035045000
2012KTM990 Adventure60035045000
2012KTM990 Adventure R60035045000
2012KTM990 Super Duke R60035045000
2012KTM990 Supermoto R58435045098
2012KTM990 Supermoto T58435045098
2011KTM1190 RC8 R60035045000
2011KTM690 Duke60035045000
2011KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2011KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2011KTM690 SMC60035045000
2011KTM990 Adventure60035045000
2011KTM990 Adventure R60035045000
2011KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2011KTM990 Super Duke R60035045000
2011KTM990 Supermoto R58435045098
2011KTM990 Supermoto T58435045098
2010KTM1190 RC860035045000
2010KTM1190 RC8 R60035045000
2010KTM690 Duke60035045000
2010KTM690 Duke R60035045000
2010KTM690 Enduro60035045000
2010KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2010KTM690 SMC60035045000
2010KTM990 Adventure60035045000
2010KTM990 Adventure R60035045000
2010KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2010KTM990 Super Duke R60035045000
2010KTM990 Supermoto R58435045098
2010KTM990 Supermoto T58435045098
2009KTM1190 RC860035045000
2009KTM1190 RC8 R60035045000
2009KTM690 Duke60035045000
2009KTM690 Enduro60035045000
2009KTM690 Enduro R60035045000
2009KTM690 SMC60035045000
2009KTM690 Supermoto60035045000
2009KTM990 Adventure60035045000
2009KTM990 Adventure R60035045000
2009KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2009KTM990 Super Duke R60035045000
2009KTM990 Supermoto58435045098
2009KTM990 Supermoto R58435045098
2009KTM990 Supermoto T58435045098
2008KTM1190 RC860035045000
2008KTM690 Duke60035045000
2008KTM690 Enduro60035045000
2008KTM690 SMC60035045000
2008KTM690 Supermoto60035045000
2008KTM690 Supermoto60035045000
2008KTM690 Supermoto R60035045000
2008KTM950 Super Enduro60035045000
2008KTM950 Super Enduro R60035045000
2008KTM950 Supermoto R60035045000
2008KTM990 Adventure60035045000
2008KTM990 Adventure S60035045000
2008KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2008KTM990 Super Duke R60035045000
2008KTM990 Supermoto58435045098
2007KTM1190 RC860035045000
2007KTM690 Supermoto60035045000
2007KTM950 Super Enduro R60035045000
2007KTM950 Supermoto60035045000
2007KTM950 Supermoto R60035045000
2007KTM990 Adventure60035045000
2007KTM990 Adventure S60035045000
2007KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2007KTM990 Super Duke R60035045000
2007KTM625 SXC58435045098
2007KTM640 LC4 Adventure58435045098
2006KTM950 Super Enduro R60035045000
2006KTM950 Supermoto60035045000
2006KTM990 Adventure60035045000
2006KTM990 Adventure S60035045000
2006KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2006KTM625 SMC58435045098
2006KTM625 SXC58435045098
2006KTM640 Duke II 58435045098
2006KTM640 LC4 Adventure58435045098
2006KTM640 LC4 Enduro58435045098
2006KTM640 LC4 Supermoto58435045098
2005KTM950 Adventure60035045000
2005KTM950 Adventure S60035045000
2005KTM950 Supermoto60035045000
2005KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2005KTM625 SMC58435045098
2005KTM625 SXC58435045098
2005KTM640 Duke II 58435045098
2005KTM640 LC4 Adventure58435045098
2005KTM640 LC4 Enduro58435045098
2005KTM640 LC4 Supermoto58435045098
2005KTM660 SMC58435045098
2004KTM950 Adventure60035045000
2004KTM950 Adventure S60035045000
2004KTM990 Super Duke60035045000
2004KTM625 SMC58435045098
2004KTM640 Duke II 58435045098
2004KTM640 LC4 Adventure R58435045098
2004KTM640 LC4 Enduro58435045098
2004KTM640 LC4 Supermoto58435045098
2004KTM660 SMC58435045098
2003KTM950 Adventure60035045000
2003KTM950 Adventure S60035045000
2003KTM640 Duke II 58435045098
2003KTM640 LC4 Enduro58435045098
2003KTM640 LC4 Supermoto58435045098


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