Yamaha Tenere 700 – Tail Tidy

Save weight, increase reliability and improve the looks of your Tenere’s rear section by installing our tail-tidy! Replacing not only the license-plate and blinker holder, but also removing the bulky original tail-light and replacing it for a much more compact and slimmer set-up.


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It’s common knowledge, that the original tail section of the Tenere 700 is bulky, break easily and simply looks terrible, and replacing it is one of the first upgrades that should be done.

Where most kits simply offer a bracket that refits the license plate, license plate light, and blinkers, we decided to go a step further, and develop a kit that also replaces the big, bulky tail light for a much slimmer one with integrated license plate light.

The final result is a slim, functional and lightweight solution that we think really improves the Tenere’s rear! The taillight is plug and play, and it comes with two different brackets for your blinkers, so you can use it in combination with the original blinkers but also with any upgraded blinkers using M8 thread (which we recommend doing as well). The included license plate holder is designed in such a way that it allows for easy and clean mounting of almost all European license plates and for use with plastic plate holders without any drilling. Finally, a reflector* with bracket is included that can be adjusted to mount perfectly below the license plate.

The kit is designed such that it is fully compliant with European legislations**. This means the correct position and/or function of the tail-light, blinkers and license plate, but also the use of an E-approved tail-light and reflector!

In total, a total weight savings of at least 480gr can be achieved when the original blinkers are used. So, an even greater savings is possible with upgraded blinkers!

Last but not least, this tail tidy will fit with all other Panonian products that are designed to mount on the tail of your Tenere. No changing, adjusting or cutting of any kind. Interchangeable fitment of all our products, in every possible combination, that was the first goal of our design. With that, we have succeeded in creating a fully interchangeable mounting of the top luggage rack, rear crash bars, side luggage plates, tail tidy and auxiliary fuel tank!


To summarize, this kit includes:

  • Main bracket
  • Blinker bracket for original blinkers
  • Blinker bracket for any blinkers with M8-thread
  • License plate holder
  • Tail-light with integrated license-plate light (E-marking: E4-50R-00 2418)
  • Reflector with adjustable bracket (E-marking: E1 02 4413 ST-9114) *
  • All nuts and bolts necessary for installation

Upgraded blinkers (such as shown in the pictures) are not included.


*The pictures show two different reflectors (they need to be updated), the reflector included in your order is the one in the pictures of the separate items, not the one in the pictures mounted on the bike.

**For some countries it might be necessary to get a specific approval for installing this component, please make sure you inform about this yourself so that you are compliant with local legislation. We made sure it is compliant, so it’ll pass the test, but you yourself have to go through the process to make it fully legal, when necessary in your country!

Weight: 0.9 kg
Material: Steel
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

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