KTM LC8 – Fuel Pump O-Ring Kit

Our viton o-ring kit for your KTM LC8 fuel pump. Not just more affordable than the original KTM part, but also of much higher quality!

Replaces original KTM part with number 61007089000.


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The fuel-pump o-rings of all LC8 models of KTM must be replaced at some point to prevent any problems, especially when removing the fuel-pump for servicing. The original o-rings are of low quality and are poorly sized, making them prone to leak. Besides that, they often expand to the point that you are unable to re-use them for re-assembling your freshly serviced fuel-pump. On top of that, the prices KTM asks for their o-rings are incredibly steep.

This o-ring set is not only a cheaper option for replacement, it is also of the highest quality viton and has a much better fitment than the original ones.

Last but not least, we decided to add the small o-ring for the quick-connector between the fuel-pump housing and the fuel injectors for free! The reason for this is that we personally experienced leakage of this quick-connector with the original o-ring, replaced it for our high-quality version and never had a problem with it again.

Please be advised, not every LC8 model has a quick-connector that needs the extra, small o-ring that we include.

Weight: 0.05 kg
Material: Viton

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