Yamaha Tenere 700 – Butterfly Plate Kit

Necessary for mounting most of our products meant for the tail of the Tenere 700.


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The butterfly plate kit lies at the core of all products mounting to the tail of the Tenere 700. It enables proper and interchangeable mounting of our top luggage rack, rear crash bars, side luggage plates and auxiliary tank. Both in combination with our tail tidy, as well as with the original license plate section.

It is offered separately, only in case you need an extra set. For example, because you bought a second hand Panonian product that came without the kit, or you want to sell one of your products and need an extra kit for the buyer, or maybe you lost yours? Whatever the reason is, it’s readily available to you!


You do not need to separately add this item to your basket when ordering any of the above stated products that require it, as the minimum number of kits needed for your order is automatically added to your shopping cart.

Several of our products for the tail of the Tenere require our butterfly plate kit, but only one kit is needed per individual motorcycle. Since almost all orders are placed for a single motorcycle, we have decided to include only the minimum amount of butterfly plate kits necessary for installation of the products in your order. This way we can keep both the price of our products, as well as a waste of material at a minimum.

If you require an extra kit, because you are installing the products in your basket on different motorcycles, please let us know in the order comment, and you’ll receive extra kits for free (albeit in correspondence to the items in your order).

Weight: 0.30 kg
Material: Steel
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

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2022YamahaTenere 700World Raid
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