KTM 990/950 Adventure – Sidestand Relocator Kit

Our simple and clean solution to mounting your sidestand to the frame instead of to your expensive and fragile engine casing!


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KTM 990/950 Adventure - Sidestand Relocator Bushing

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Originally, the side-stand of the KTM 950 & 990 Adventure models is mounted directly to the bottom of the engine casingy. One simple, low-speed crash or a rock / log on the trail during your offroad ride, could easily put enough load on the side-stand to cause a fracture, or even a complete tear off, of the mount points. There are even reports where simply sitting on the bike when it’s on the side-stand have caused cracks! Not only does this end your adventure instantly due to oil-loss, the cost of fixing it runs well into the thousands of euros.

Our sidestand relocator is a cheap and easy-to-install solution to prevent engine damage, all while keeping your sidestand in the same position. Instead of the engine mounts, our 8mm, black powdercoated steel relocator is installed using two strong frame mounts, and as a result it can handle anything you throw at it! Of course, the kit will be delivered with all the hardware required for installation.

Attention! If you want to install our kit, but you do not have a center-stand installed on your KTM, you will need the additional Sidestand Relocator bushing in order not to damage the frame during installation.

Weight: 0.8 kg
Material: Steel
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

2013KTM990 Adventure Baja
2012KTM990 Adventure R
2012KTM990 Adventure
2011KTM990 Adventure R
2011KTM990 Adventure
2010KTM990 Adventure R
2010KTM990 Adventure
2009KTM990 Adventure R
2009KTM990 Adventure
2008KTM990 Adventure S
2008KTM990 Adventure
2007KTM990 Adventure S
2007KTM990 Adventure
2006KTM990 Adventure S
2006KTM990 Adventure
2005KTM950 Adventure **
2004KTM950 Adventure **
2003KTM950 Adventure **
** Attention: Due to an extra protruding part of the frame on these older models, this product does not fit one-to-one. However, you could make it fit by grinding down the product slightly so it bypasses this additional frame piece. This is at your own risk!


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