Yamaha Tenere 700 – Chainguard

Swap out that dull, plastic OEM part with this tough and sharp-looking one!


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We cannot be the only ones thinking that the OEM chainguard of the Tenere simply looks cheap and under-designed. Plus, it isn’t the toughest either, so time to get a replacement one!

We believe that we developed the best one available. It’s not only affordable, but fits perfectly, has a durable, black-powdercoated finish, and simply looks super-sleek, giving your Tenere that extra something. Imagine how great it’ll look on your bike!

Even though a more durable part often means a lot more weight, in our case the lightweight design, and the use of aluminum, resulted in an added weight of only 130 grams in comparison to the original part!

Weight: 0.35 kg
Material: Aluminum
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

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