Honda XL600V Transalp – Rally Footpegs

Improve comfort and handling of your Transalp with these great-looking rally footpegs!


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As an adventure rider, comfort and handling are the most important aspects of your motorcycle. Our rally footpegs are a great addition for improving both! The much larger surface gives better support for more riding comfort. At the same time, they also give you more leverage to control your bike, by allowing you to put your weight more towards the outside of the peg. Great for both offroad and street riding. Of course, let’s not forget, they simply look way cooler than the stock pegs, which is enough of a reason to make the upgrade.

The pegs are produced from laser-cut steel, welded and then powder coated and are delivered to you including the split-pins needed for installation.

Weight: 0.69 kg
Material: Steel
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

1999HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1999HondaXL600V TransalpPD10
1998HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1998HondaXL600V TransalpPD10
1997HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1997HondaXL600V TransalpPD10
1996HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1995HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1994HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1993HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1992HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1991HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1990HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1989HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1988HondaXL600V TransalpPD06
1987HondaXL600V TransalpPD06


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