Yamaha Tenere 700 – Side Luggage Rack

Not sure if you just want rear crash-bars, or a complete luggage rack for your Tenere? With our kit you don’t have to choose anymore! Use the rear-crash bars in this kit separately, or in combination with the side luggage plates to create full rack system. Simply switch depending on the type of riding you’re about to do!


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Our goal was to be the first ones to create a combination of crash-bars and luggage rack that is lightweight and easily adaptable to suit the needs of any specific ride you are about to do, and we believe we did a great job realizing it!

The crashbars follow the lines of the rear of your Tenere perfectly, don’t protrude so much that they’re in the way, but at the same time offer great protection. Expanding the set-up with the side luggage plates using the specifically designed clamps achieves a stable, and fully capable side luggage rack that can carry your favorite soft-luggage bags.

Adaptable, great support for your luggage, no flopping around of your bags, protection from crashes, strengthening of the rear section and great looking. What else would you need? Besides being lightweight, because it is, since we managed to keep the total weight at only 3.1kg, or only 1.65kg when running the crash bars alone!

The crashbars are produced from several different steel components, using both CNC-cutting and CNC-bending, but are welded together perfectly so that each pair fits without fail. The luggage plates are made out of aluminum to keep things light, whilst the included clamps are made out of steel to ensure a strong connection between crashbars and plates. After the entire production process, the items are given a beautiful black powder-coated finish.

Last but not least, this side luggage rack will fit with all other Panonian products that are designed to mount on the tail of your Tenere. No changing, adjusting or cutting of any kind. Interchangeable fitment of all our products, in every possible combination, that was the first goal of our design. With that, we have succeeded in creating a fully interchangeable mounting of the top luggage rack, rear crash bars, side luggage plates, tail tidy and auxiliary fuel tank!

This kit is delivered with a set of rear crashbars (one left, one right), a set of side luggage panels (one left, one right), one butterfly plate kit**, 4 long bushings needed for regular installation of Side Luggage Panels, 2 extra shorter bushings for when you are combining the Side Luggage Panels with our Top Luggage Rack, as well as all necessary nuts and bolts.

** Several of our products for the tail of the Tenere require our butterfly plate kit, but only one kit is needed per individual motorcycle. Since almost all orders are placed for a single motorcycle, we have decided to include only the minimum amount of butterfly plate kits necessary for installation of the products in your order. This way we can keep both the price of our products, as well as a waste of material at a minimum.

If you require an extra kit, because you are installing the products in your basket on different motorcycles, please let us know in the order comment, and you’ll receive extra kits for free (albeit in correspondence to the items in your order).

Weight: 2.8 kg (excl. Butterfly Plate Kit)
Material: Steel & Aluminum
Surface Finish: Black Powder-Coated

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